I've compiled a small list of programs and tools I've made somewhere along the line.
These are free to download, but don't go uploading these elsewhere, please. Thanks.

video game deluxe
The highly successful challenge mod returns with higher-res graphics, more stability, widescreen support, and loads of new content and modes for you to sink your teeth into.
TF2 Essentials
An autoexec config file for Team Fortress 2 that adds a few useful features to the game and changes a few options into what they should be by default (ex. FOV=90). Superseded by mastercomfig 7.
Action 52
VPK Maker
Allows for easy creation of VPK files to be used in games that run on Valve Software's Source game engine. Unnecessary today, as similar functionality exists simply by dragging a folder into vpk.exe.
video game
Looks like a stupid joke at first, but was actually a very serious and competitive game to speedrun on the Cave Story Forums. High score.
60 FPS Hack for Booster's Lab
Gives Booster's Lab the ability to make a Cave Story mod run at 60 fps, rather than 50. Instructions included, though BL now has a frame rate hack preinstalled.
WTF Challenge
Challenge mod for Cave Story+ on Steam, based on WTF Story made by GIRakaCHEEZER. Hiino holds the high score currently.
Cave Story X
Made in 2012-2014, an attempt to improve the original game. I became unsatisfied with it for many reasons, and thus, it was never finished.

Here are all of the Team Fortress 2 maps I've created.
I'm still relatively new to Hammer, but I'm trying my best!

Kill enemies and pick up their meat. Bring it to the grinder to score points!
Made during October-December of 2018 as an effort to add lore to Attack on Bakery, convert it to Player Destruction, and reveal the map in its finished state during my Winter Maps Festival 2018 event.
Gooby's koth_blastoff, except it's now Player Destruction and has a ton of Simpsons memes. Includes the Horseless Headless Homer!
These maps are hosted on my own servers as well!